Every neighborhood used to have a milkman. Grocery stores and other modern conveniences have made that job extinct, now appearing only in old movies or your great-grandparents' stories. Technological advancement pushed switchboard operators into the dustbin of history too.

Don't look now, but it may not be too long before financial advisors as we know them meet the same fate. Oh sure, there's always a place for a smart, educated human to help make sure your money ends up in the right places. But with the rise of robo-investing and self-directed trading platforms, more and more everyday investors are going it alone, grabbing control of their portfolios, learning the ropes, and taking control of their retirement planning.

That move isn't usually happening because investors demand that level of responsibility. It's often because they're frustrated at how little they can do with a traditional or Roth IRA. Banks usually restrict those types of tax-shielded investments to some of their most basic, boilerplate low-risk stocks and bonds. It keeps those funds protected, but it certainly doesn't allow for high yield returns that could come from other investment types.

Those investments aren't illegal. They can just be complicated to get right and remain compliant with the law. RocketDollar got it all figured out and now, their app makes it easy for the average IRA or 401(k) investor to earn big returns just like the insiders.

That includes insiders like Peter Thiel, the tech mogul and PayPal founder who turned a standard Roth IRA into a $5 billion retirement account, all while maintaining all of that money's tax-protected status.

RocketDollar offers Self-Directed IRAs that basically can help motivated investors whip up that kind of investment magic for themselves.

It starts by offering up a bevy of legal investment opportunities that stretch way beyond the typical bank-approved fare. With RocketDollar, IRA, or 401(k) holders can invest in high-return possibilities like cryptocurrency, real estate, venture capital deals, and more. If those deals go well, all those dividends end up right back in your Self-Directed IRA, all tax-protected for your future retirement needs.

Since these transactions deal with retirement nest eggs, it's not uncommon for there to be loads of questions about each person's plan. As RocketDollar members, users have access to their team of customer service experts who can help each investor set up and manage their fund or unravel their own particular question.

Investors ready to take more control of their retirement investments can start by exploring a RocketDollar IRA or solo 401(k) account now. It begins with a one-time startup fee starting as low as $350 with a regular monthly membership of just $15 without any hidden fees or other costs.

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