The technology inside of a smartphone is, obviously, its most important feature. But, style-wise, phone design hasn't had a major makeover in over a decade, and consumers are getting bored.

Fortunately, manufacturers are now working to shake this up. Samsung has filed patents for a flexible device that can be folded like a flip-phone; while Apple, Google, and Microsoft are are working towards flexible screens for the future of their smartphones. Now, LG has most recently filed a patent for a phone with a screen that wraps all the way around the device.

Photo Credit: The Leaker

This is definitely an unexpected design concept, most brands are focusing on foldable phone concepts that use flexible screen technology. And while a screen that covers the entire phone will probably look cool, it’s difficult to understand how this kind of innovation will be practical, user-friendly, or durable.

Looking at current technology, the closest existing phone model would be the Samsung EDGE, where the screen curves slightly along the sides. But this minimal design edit has already shown that it adds to the fragility of the device.

Still, it is possible that LG may be incorporating not-yet-announced innovations that will make this design concept seem more feasible. Or maybe they’ll realize how strange it would be to have a screen on the back of a smartphone and move on altogether. We will just have to wait and see.

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