Aside from “recumbent bicycles” (those nerdy-looking bikes that are typically reserved for ancient hippies and Stanford Professors who enjoy reclining while they ride around downtown Palo Alto), there hasn't been too much innovation in the cycling field. Sure, certain materials have made bikes lighter-weight or faster, but the fundamental structure of a bicycle has never been drastically altered.

That is, until Halfbike. Halfbike has fundamentally reimagined the 200-year old transportation technology that we have come know as a “bicycle.”


The 20lb foldable Halfbike is hardly like a traditional bike at all – it's more like a tricycle that one rides while standing. Almost scooter-like, but not quite.

So why design a bike without a seat? There are actually some incredible benefits to riding a bike standing up, according to the company. For one, you get a full-body workout that targets your core as well as your legs. Engaging your whole body while riding improves balance and flexibility, which helps you cut through traffic easier – once you finally master riding in a straight line.

The company behind the innovation is first to admit that learning to ride the Halfbike takes time and practice.The mechanism and muscle memory are totally different for Halfbike than a bicycle, as is evidenced by this clip of youtuber, Casey Neistat, learning to ride.

Honestly, it’s only a matter of time before we see a bunch of Hollywood badasses like Chris Pratt and Peter Dinklage riding around on this environmentally responsible alternative method of transportation. While many people address the dedication it requires to learn how to ride, everyone agrees that its worth it for the amount of fun you’ll have once you start riding.

So, if you are looking for a new “sport,” consider the Halfbike; you may never want to get on a basic bicycle again.

Disclaimer: Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with Halfbike, who sponsored this post. They help us keep the lights on, and Futurism may receive a commission from sales. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff.

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