Over the last twenty years, there have been some amazing breakthroughs in physics. We've found new particles, listened to black holes slamming into each other, and just keep proving how right Einstein was. Yet it can be hard to be truly excited when you've got no idea just why this is so cool. The Fundamentals of Physics, available for just $10, will change that for you.

The five-hour course, divided into 70 lectures, will lay out the basics of physics.

Motion: At root, physics is all about why things move, so this course starts there, with particles and projectiles, and how to figure out their motion.

Forces and Equilibrium: Here, we'll get into Newton's Laws, how they work, and why they're important. Why does a body at rest tend to remain at rest?

Work and Energy: Once you know Newton's Laws, how much power do you need to apply them? That's where work and energy come into play.

Center of Mass and Linear Momentum: Once a body is moving, how will it move and where? You'll learn how to figure that out.

Calculus For Physics: If you're having flashbacks to high school, don't worry; the course walks you through the basics and how the ability to measure quantities over time is so important to understand the laws of the universe. It'll teach you a deeper appreciation of just why this is so important.

These simple rules and concepts underpin almost everything we do, from driving to the store to working out. When you understand physics, you have a new way to perceive the world around you, as well as understand just how important the science headlines are. And at 94%, whether you're getting caught up for school or just curious about how the world works, the Fundamentals of Physics will unlock a new perspective.

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