Elon Musk, Customer Service Rep Extraordinaire, Just Deleted the Facebook Pages for SpaceX and Tesla, on Request (Seriously)

"What's Facebook?"

3. 23. 18 by Alexandra Ossola
Michelle Andonian/SpaceX /Emily Cho

Updated 3/23 at 1:38 PM

Elon Musk just took a stand—a substantial one that’s a giant shot across the bow of Facebook, and a statement Musk’s rabid base of acolytes may or may not take a cue from: In light of the data-gathering scandal that has rocked Facebook over the past week, Musk just dropped the hammer, and deleted the official pages for Tesla and SpaceX from the Book of Face.

It started when Musk played around on Twitter, randomly responding to Signal founder Brian Acton’s Tweet about deleting Facebook:


Someone called Musk out for making light of the situation.

And Musk, as he’s wont to do, (A) trolled Facebook, (B) called this random Twitter user’s bluff, and (C) wiped Space X and Tesla from Facebook:


Indeed, Musk seems to have lived up to his promise. Searching for Tesla on Facebook now reveals just lame stuff about the scientist:

And a search for SpaceX reveals a number of pages, though none seems to be official:

Contrition from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to be enough to regain Musk’s trust (to say nothing of a previous beef they once had in which Zuck once blamed Musk for ruining some of his property).

As usual, Musk wins:


If you’re fearing where you’ll get your next Elon fix, check his Twitter and Instagram.

Clearly, Musk won’t be wiping himself from the web any time soon. Those accounts are never not going.


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