Russia Announcing Partnership with NASA to Build First Lunar Space Station Ever

The Deep Space Gateway is a major stepping stone toward a future human mission to Mars.

33 mins ago

Bill Gates Says We Shouldn’t Panic About Artificial Intelligence

"This is a case where Elon and I disagree."

55 mins ago

Microsoft Announces Its New Open Source Machine Learning Tools

Accessibility is the name of the game with AI and machine learning.

2 hours ago

A Simple Outpatient Procedure Makes Varicose Veins Disappear Forever

Spider and varicose veins are finally able to be removed forever with simple outpatient procedure.

2 hours ago

China is Getting the Largest Tesla Supercharger Station in the World

It's part of the plan to expand to 10,000 stations worldwide.

3 hours ago

This Latin American Country Could Adopt Bitcoin as an Official Currency

The decision could help them combat hyperinflation issues.

3 hours ago

Evaporation-Harvested Energy Could Meet 70% of the United States’ Power Needs

"We can now put a number on its potential."

3 hours ago

A New, Artificially Intelligent Hologram Was Just Born

The next evolution of virtual concierge services will gain a physical presence thanks to hologram technology.

3 hours ago

These Fifteen New Spiders Were Named for Celebrity Activists, Including Bernie Sanders

The discovering team named the arachnids for champions of human rights and the environment.

5 hours ago

Predict the Future

When will we create structures that are 100 percent immune to earthquakes?

A New Toilet Can Create Energy and Clean Water From Human Waste

This toilet doesn't require water, power, or a sewage system to function. In fact, it can actually create energy and clean water from human waste

5 hours ago

What NASA’s First 3D Printed Rocket Parts Mean for the Space Launch System

"In next-generation rocket engines, we aspire to create larger, more complex flight components through 3-D printing techniques."

September 25, 2017

NASA’s New “Gravity Map” Corrects Fundamental Assumption About Mars

We now have a way to better understand the history of planets.

September 25, 2017

The Beginning of Robots Taking Over…

Nigel Stanford recorded his latest album 'Automatica' with the help of a robotic bassist, pianist, and drummer.

September 23, 2017

Don’t Even TRY Lying to This Polygraph Test — Your Micro Emotions Will Give You Away

This lie detector test reads your 'micro emotions.'

September 23, 2017

A Chinese Robot Dentist Operated on a Human Patient for the First Time Ever

Human doctors remained present throughout the operation.

September 22, 2017

Scuba Gear Recharges as Easily as Your Phone

AirBuddy makes diving a lot simpler.

September 22, 2017

Fermilab is Looking for New, Practical Uses for Particle Accelerators

Anyone with an idea of how to apply the technology can submit their proposal to Fermilab.

September 22, 2017

One of China’s Supercomputers Has Nearly Doubled its Power

The race to build the first exascale supercomputer is on.

September 22, 2017

This Robot Can be Controlled from Thousands of Miles Away

AILA is an exoskeleton controlled humanoid bot that can be controlled from thousands of miles away. In the future, AILA could even perform repairs on the ISS.

September 22, 2017

Quantum “Flashes” Could Be Responsible for the Creation of Gravity

This could be a big clue in the hunt for a theory of everything.

September 21, 2017

This Could Be The West’s Worst Fire Season Ever

At the season's peak, over 7.8 MILLION acres were burning in the US simultaneously.

September 21, 2017
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