The U.S. President has confused weather with climate.

December 29, 2017

"This has been reviewed so many times in so many ways."

November 3, 2017

Merck, NIKE, Inc., Adobe, and Telefónica among the latest companies to join the initiative dedicated to setting emissions targets.

September 19, 2017

This concept for solar sails is intended to be a way to help slow global warming. Large solar sails would collect sunlight in order to both power its journey and shade the Earth.

August 22, 2017

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent if we act now.”

July 3, 2017

But will that be enough to keep the “doomsday vault” safe?

June 27, 2017

Meet the saltwater-fed jellyfish of Misool Island.

May 8, 2017

In this climate, it's important that the voices of actual climate science are heard.

May 1, 2017

Science says it does. Pruitt says it doesn't. This is a problem.

March 10, 2017