This Plane Could Cross the Atlantic in 3.5 Hours. Why Did It Fail?

Why don’t we have supersonic planes today?

35 mins ago

Life Looks Remarkably Different Through an MRI Machine

Take a moment to see life as never before.

38 mins ago

China Built a 250-Acre Solar Farm Shaped like a Giant Panda

The future of energy never looked so good.

41 mins ago

Either Stars are Strange, or 234 Alien Species Are Trying to Contact Us

The answer seems obvious.

45 mins ago

New Flexible Robots Fight in Augmented Reality — Using Your Smart Phone

MekaMon starts at $395, and each unit is upgradeable for more powerful attacks.

1 hour ago

Extreme Conditions of Alien Worlds Damage Spacecraft Irreparably

They don't just kill life as we know it. They also kill technology.

2 hours ago

Here’s a List of Everything Elon Musk Says He’ll Do by 2030

To begin, he's putting humans on Mars and computers in our brains.

2 hours ago

There’s a Metal That Conducts Electricity but Not Heat

VO2 could be used to make new window coatings that improve energy use in buildings.

3 hours ago

A Harmless Laser Scares Away Birds Swarming Crops

This laser is keeping crops bird-free.

4 hours ago

Predict the Future

When will we have electric cars that never have to be recharged?

We Can Observe Memories Being Passed Down Through Generations

These memories could help us fight Alzheimer's and cancer.

5 hours ago

One Way to End Meth Addiction? Alter the DNA of Addicts Using Gene Therapy

A new treatment removes the pleasurable effect of methamphetamines via a specially designed antibody.

5 hours ago

This Humanoid Robot May be Your Next Assistant

And it uses virtual reality to let the human user see what it sees.

5 hours ago

The Darkest Material in the World is Coming to the Olympics

“You'll enter as though you're being absorbed into a cloud of blackness."

November 18, 2017

Bitcoin Passes $8,000 For the First Time in History

The world's biggest cryptocurrency is surging full steam ahead.

November 16, 2017

A Popular Payment App Now Lets Users Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Are bitcoin transactions between friends next?

November 16, 2017

The Latest Interstellar Messages Could Receive an Extraterrestrial Response in 25 Years

The messages include a science and math tutorial, and 33 short pieces of music.

November 16, 2017

Bitcoin Forks Could Play a Key Role in the Cryptocurrency’s Continued Development

Allowing for these changes gives Bitcoin the chance to grow and evolve.

November 16, 2017

Neuroscientists Are Trying to Alter Our Brain Circuits to Eradicate Pain

By tweaking the circuits that affect our perception of pain, we may be able to end it.

November 16, 2017

There’s a Radical Plan to Artificially Cool the Planet by Mimicking Volcanic Eruptions

This is geoengineering on a scale we've never seen.

November 16, 2017

It’s Getting Difficult, and Increasingly Controversial, to Authenticate “Real Humans”

The digital age is having some unintended consequences.

November 15, 2017

We Could Power the World With Volcanoes

The future of energy may be the heat that lives within our planet.

November 15, 2017
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