The transportation industry is working hard to transition from petrol-powered, greenhouse-gas emitting vehicles to sustainable, electric powered vehicles. To that end, even the biggest names in oil and gas are joining the initiative. Leading the pack is Shell, which has just confirmed plans to add electric vehicle (EV) charging points in some of its stations across the UK and the Netherlands.


This marks a big shift for Shell, a company known for backing biofuels as a greener alternative to traditional gas and diesel. But as Shell's Downstream Director John Abbot explained last year:

If we want to be a part of that future system, we’ve got to listen to their needs and expectations.What form of transport will people choose in the future? How will they power it? Where will they go to find their fuel of choice?

The idea is to leverage the existing infrastructure that is already in place. Gas stations are already conveniently located in busy, urban areas – which means adding charging points across these locations would make charging more convenient for the growing number of EV owners. Given the number of Shell stations around the world, if this move gets implemented on a bigger scale, it could not only boost EV car ownership, but also spur big oil players to follow suit.

Following Shell’s timeline, the first EV charging points may be installed before the year ends.

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