The natural progression of technology has led to the creation of many tools that rely on atomic processes, like nuclear reactions, to function. The problem, of course, is that these technologies often expose users to radiation, which can be disastrous depending on the dosage (think cancer and radiation poisoning). However, the human body isn't as susceptible to radiation as many people believe it to be. In fact, we are exposed to it every day, and a huge number of things (like rocks, plants and even bananas) have trace amounts. (Unfortunately, most people never spout a tail, or acquire the ability to walk through walls though)

In a video from Veritasium (easily one of the best youtube channels that deal with science), they explore some of the most radioactive places on Earth, and examine just how much radiation a Geiger counter detects. Which location takes the ultimate title?

WATCH: "The Most Radioactive Places on Earth"


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