If you prefer to travel like a secret agent, Uber has just the thing.

Uber recently launched its newest project, UberCopter, in São Paulo. According to the company, the city is the first to have this type of transport service-- an appropriate move considering the city is known to have a huge number of cars resulting in terrible traffic.

The project connects five heliports and four airports in the city and the nearby regions. The price starts at R$66 (US$20) and is fixed up to a certain destination. The prices will be shown before the user requests a trip.

After logging into Uber and applying for a flight, the user will receive a text message containing the info on how to access a certain helipad. Then, an UberBlack car that is priced and paid separately will take the user to the heliport and pickup at the final destination.

Currently, UberCopter is only being beta tested. Unless you're in São Paulo, you'll have to wait a little longer to travel like James Bond.

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