Looks like X-formerly-Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino's speaking tour is on pause for the foreseeable future.

Yaccarino announced that she has bowed out of her scheduled appearance at The Wall Street Journal's Tech Live conference, slated to kick off next week.

According to X, she's busy.

"With the global crisis unfolding, Linda and her team must remain fully focused on X platform safety," reads X's official statement shared by WSJ tech columnist Joanna Stern, likely referring to the situation in Israel and Gaza.

But considering Yaccarino's disastrous appearance at a conference last month and X owner Elon Musk's continuing promotion of notorious, misinformation-peddling accounts on the platform, there's clearly a lot more behind her decision.

Late last month, Yaccarino sat down with CNBC's Julia Boorstin at Code, The Verge's annual tech and business conference. The bizarre interview was nothing short of a trainwreck. Among other odd claims and confrontational behavior, as recapped by The Verge, Yaccarino made sweeping statements about X's user figures without actually providing any hard numbers to back them up.

She also said Boorstin was "not nice" in response to an arguably fair question concerning Yaccarino's reputation as "CEO in name only," and downplayed online threats directed at Yoel Roth, Twitter's former head of trust and safety who was forced to leave his home after being accused of pedophilia by Musk.

On that note, throughout the conversation, Yaccarino oscillated between defending and clumsily attempting to side-step questions regarding the behavior of the platform's mercurial owner, who — despite having passed on the CEO role to the #girlboss in question — continues to announce surprise site changes and product rollouts in X posts and threatening to sue nonprofits like the Anti-Defamation League for calling attention to antisemitism on the platform.

To be clear, focusing on the violent crisis in Israel and Gaza would be a worthy way for Yaccarino to spend her time, considering that X has been flooded with disinformation pertaining to the bloody conflict and, as the result of Musk's mass workforce cullings, seemingly no longer has the trust and safety staff required to manage content related to these kinds of global events.

It also doesn't help that in a now-deleted post on the platform, Musk, told users over the weekend that two notorious accounts that promote lies and unverifiable news are a good way to follow "the war in real-time," per The Washington Post.

So, yeah, Yaccarino has a lot on her hands. Still, it's hard to believe that her decision to cancel her Tech Live appearance has nothing to do with her most recent onstage performance.

At the same time, when it comes to having to stand up for Musk's actions and confront his questionable behavior, we wouldn't want to publicly answer any questions, either.

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