This seems like a pretty glaring oversight.

X Factor

During a conference, the new-ish CEO of the social network formerly known as Twitter held up her phone to the crowd — but as eagle-eyed watchers noticed, it doesn't look like the X app is on her iPhone's home screen at all.

As The Verge points out, X CEO Linda Yaccarino proudly displayed her smartphone to the crowd at Vox's exclusive Code Conference this past week, and although a photo taken during her spot shows that she has both Facebook and Instagram on her home screen, the newly-rebranded black-and-white X app appears to be absent.

Along with X's would-be competitors being represented on its CEO's home screen, The Verge also spotted a Bible app —which deputy editor Alex Heath jokingly clocked as "the original super app if you think about it" — and the encrypted messaging app Signal, which is said to be Elon Musk's fave even though its president has thrown shade at him in recent weeks.

Tweet Trouble

And speaking of Musk, Yaccarino's appearance at the invite-only conference took place right around the publication date of an in-depth Financial Times interview in which she admitted, among other things, that X's infamous owner didn't tell her she was hired before tweeting it out to the world.

The big question: will the mercurial Musk, who prizes loyalty and a grueling work ethic over all else, turn on Yaccarino after a gaffe that seems to suggest X isn't a crucial part of her digital life?

Prior to taking over leadership of the site, the now-CEO was an advertising executive at NBCUniversal, and her hastily-announced exit apparently sent that company into something of a tailspin that one of her colleagues described to Insider as being like the "Cuban missile crisis."

Yaccarino has only been CEO of X for a few months now. But if this weird oversight, some of the admissions in her FT interview, and her questionable appearance at Code are any indication, she may be a bit in over her head.

One has to wonder, given the conspicuous absence of the X app, whether Yaccarino has, like so many of us, stopped using the app — or rather, if she has staffers doing her tweeting for her.

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