The Hyperloop, a transportation concept that features ultra-fast pods that run in specialized tubes, was first imagined by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk. Now, several startups are hard at work in turning this futuristic transportation system into reality. One of these is Pacific Hyperloop, and this team wants to bring you from Seattle to Portland in just 15 minutes.

Pacific Hyperloop was among the 35 finalists, out of 2,600 applicants worldwide, from last April's Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Building a Hyperloop route connecting Seattle to Portland wasn't a random idea. “Seattle and Portland are known for having some of the worst traffic in America (No. 4 and No. 7 respectively),” the group posted in their online petition. “Implementing Hyperloop would not only alleviate traffic on highways for others, but also create a consistent and reliable commuting experience that would not be affected by factors like car accidents or crazy weather.”

The plan landed the eighth spot in the 11 routes being considered by Hyperloop One, and work for the Pacific Hyperloop continues.

The Hyperloop's potential to reduce travel time is what makes this idea interesting. Already, there are a number of Hyperloop efforts at work all around the world. There's Hyperloop One, which recently finished its DeveLop test track in Las Vegas — and they also have plans for a Hyperloop in Dubai. There are also several plans to build Hyperloops in Europe, as well as a number of others in the United States.

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