Did you know that what you wear can directly influence how your brain works? It's true. According to a team of psychological scientists from California State University, Northridge and Columbia University, the clothes we wear directly influence the way our brains process abstract thinking. When you dress to look and feel good, you're actually activating the most creative part of your brain into flowing naturally, and who doesn't need that? And fortunately, it's now easier than ever to look and think better with a pair of Kinetic pants from Ministry of Supply. They're made from a high tech fabric that uses your own body heat to stay smooth and wrinkle free.

Ministry Of Supply Kinetic Pants

Ministry Of Supply

Ministry of Supply understands the importance of feeling as good as you look. Because of this, they focus on the quality of their design to create products with high wearability and comfort. As a result, their Kinetic Pants look like work pants but feel like workout pants. They designed these pants to be the most flattering in your closet, with unlimited mobility. They're also water-resistant and are made using techniques that produce very little environmental impact.

The Fabric

Ministry Of Supply

Ministry of Supply's Kinetic Pants are made from Japanese Primeflex® polyester, a warp-knit fabric that has the feel and structure of a woven, and the breathability and stretch of a knit. It's also wrinkle-free and machine washable without having undergone any chemical treatments. Additionally, the resilient Japanese warp-knit Kinetic fabric gives unrivaled mobility, responds to your movements throughout the day, and always bounces back. This is because the Kinetic Pants are made with a highly-engineered fabric that combines both yarn technology as well as premium knitting techniques. This results in a stretchy fabric with great shape retention during the day, between washes, and for the life of the garment. Plus, its hydrophilic interior pulls moisture away from the body, resulting in a pant that is both water-repellent and moisture wicking.

Next-Level Design

Ministry Of Supply

Ministry Of Design uses next-level technology to achieve the perfect pair of work pants. Thanks to an attention to detail like no other, they've developed a fabric with a crisp structure and an un-restricting stretch, resulting in a pair of pants that fit each body as though it were designed specifically for that person. Not only that, their innovative approach to design is the perfect marriage of form and function. Additionally, the Japanese Primeflex® polyester fabric is specifically designed so your pants never wrinkle. This way you'll always look crisp and tidy thanks to the power of your own body heat, which releases and relaxes wrinkles within fifteen minutes. All this without the use of harmful, foul-smelling chemicals.


Ministry of Supply

Most importantly, Ministry of Supply cares about the environment. That's why the company aims to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion, which contributes to 14.3 million pounds of clothing being sent to the dump each year. They do this by seeking out manufacturing opportunities that keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. For example, 3D Print-Knit reduces waste by over 30-percent by eliminating cutting scraps. Ministry of Supply's goal is to produce durable garments that stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically. That way you're purchasing more than a pair of pants. You're also investing in your future.

Consumers agree, The Kinetic Pants are a dead ringer for high-end designer pants, but so comfortable you could sleep in them. The only thing that rivals their unquestionable quality and fantastic design is how good they look in person. So why not simplify your life by ordering a pair of their Kinetic Pants, today?

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