Americans spend an estimated $20 billion on sneakers annually. Clearly, the light, comfortable, stylish footwear is extremely popular. But as popular as they may be, sneakers don't offer much in the way of protection for your feet, which means they make less than ideal work shoes for anyone doing intense physical labor or handling heavy objects. However, thanks to the durable, high-tech design of Indestructible Shoes, that's all about to change.

Work Shoes Disguised As Sneakers

Traditionally, consumers shopping for shoes have been forced to sacrifice style and comfort for protection and durability, or vice versa. But thanks to Indestructible Shoes, that trade off is now a thing of the past. The company makes shoes that look and feel like stylish everyday sneakers, but protect your feet like heavy duty work boots. Thanks to their advanced design and high tech materials, their shoes have all the safety features you'd expect from a work boot, including steel toes, skid-proof grips, shock-absorption technology, anti-puncture heels, electric shock insulation, and ultra durable materials. But unlike boots, they’re also light, flexible, breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

So if you're looking for a shoe that offers the style and comfort of sneakers and the safety and protection of work boots, check out the Indestructible Shoes featured below.

Ryder Black

Indestructible Shoes

The Ryder Black is designed to be a stylish solution for hot, sweaty feet. It's made from breathable flymesh and a moisture-wicking lining that helps encourage airflow and reduce odor. The shoes also feature a no-lace system, so it's easy to slip them on and off. And to ensure comfort, the Ryder Black has an extremely flexible outsole and a padded shock-absorbing insole. And as you'd expect from a heavy duty work shoe, it features European steel toes, a puncture-resistant sole made from military-grade Kevlar, and shock-absorbing cushioning in the midsole.

Hummer Gray

Indestructible Shoes

The Hummer Gray is one of Indestructible Shoes’ most well-rounded and versatile products. It boasts a classic sneaker design that you can comfortably wear at work or at play. It features European steel toes to protect you from hazards to your feet. It also features no-slip outsoles for superior stability. The shoes are made of ultra durable knit material called “flymesh” that wicks moisture to reduce sweat. And the insole features 3D arch support and extra padding in the heel cup, while the outsole and midsole feature additional shock-absorbing padding. As a result, the Hummer Gray offers unparalleled protection and comfort.

Gravity Black - Work Shoes That Look Like Sneakers

Indestructible Shoes

If you work in wet conditions, the ultra light, ultra stylish Gravity Black is 100-percent waterproof. Each one weighs less than one pound, so they won't bog you down like traditional work shoes. They also combines a cushy midsole with a stretchable sock-like upper, so they're easy to get on and off. And as with most Indestructible Shoes, the Gravity features European steel toes and puncture-resistant no-slip outsoles made out of military grade Kevlar.

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