With the growing popularity of lifestyle overhauls provided by concepts like the KonMari Method, Americans are discovering the joys of minimalism. Instead of owning a variety of things you don’t actually want, need, or like, you focus on the items that spark joy in your life. This breaks down our ability to be overwhelmed by the things we own, so they don't end up owning us. Conceptually, when you only purchase things you need, you simplify your life. This idea was popularized by tech icon Steve Jobs who famously wore black turtlenecks and jeans everywhere. While you may not be able to pull this off in your work environment, you can choose to spend your money in a way where you never have to think about what you're wearing to work again. That's where Ministry Of Supply's Kinetic Pants come in.

What Are Kinetic Pants?

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

Ministry Of Supply designed these Kinetic Pants to be the most flattering in your closet. That's because their resilient Japanese warp-knit Kinetic fabric gives unrivaled mobility, responds to your movements throughout the day, and always bounces back. It's also made from Japanese Primeflex® polyester, a warp-knit fabric that has the feel and structure of a woven fabric, and the breathability and stretch of a knit. Wrinkle-free and machine washable without any chemical treatments, Kinetic fabrics retain their shape and structure longer than traditional wovens. Once you wear Kinetic Pants you won't be able to go back to other fabrics. This is not only because of their universally flattering fit, but also because they are moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, incredibly stretchy, and super resilient.

Kinetic Pants Versatile and Flattering On Everyone

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

Ministry of Supply's Kinetic Pants have a universally flattering fit thanks not only to the fabric used, but also their superior design. The pants come in two cuts: standard and slim. The Standard-Fit is a contemporary straight cut that looks good on most body types. Plus, they are designed to provide breathing room without being baggy. Likewise, the Slim-Fit has a more tailored cut than the Standard-Fit, so they perfectly hug your body like they were made for you. Because of this, the Slim-Fit is tapered from the thigh through the leg opening for a slender look that’s is not too tight. Regardless of the cut, each pair of Kinetic Pants are all cut long and finished with a simple hem so they can be easily tailored. As an added bonus, Ministry of Supply will reimburse (via store credit) for any hemming that must be done.

Use Coupon Code "3Pants" At Checkout

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

Ministry of Supply's Kinetic Pants implement a state of the art fabric and design to ensure a perfect fit and look, and much more. They'll always be ready to go. There's no need for dry cleaning or ironing. This is because the Japanese Primeflex® polyester is wrinkle-resistant as long as you're wearing them. This is because they uses your own body heat to release and relax wrinkles within fifteen minutes, all without the use of harmful chemicals. Additionally, a hydrophilic interior pulls moisture away from the body and a hydrophobic exterior evaporates that moisture. This is what makes the Kinetic Pants repel water and moisture wick, so you stay so fresh and clean all day long, no matter how stressed or busy you get.

Plus, if you act now you can purchase three pairs of these amazing Kinetic Pants for $365 with the coupon code 3Pants at checkout. This way you can buy enough pants to get through the week and effectively minimize your wardrobe and declutter your life. Who doesn't want to streamline the process of getting dressed in the morning? It's one less thing to think about while looking and feeling confident.

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