Did you know what you wear doesn’t just affect what people think of you, but also how you perform? According to research published in Nautilus, what you wear directly influences not only how you think but how well you execute tasks at hand. This is because there’s a correlation between how you look and feel, and how well you can focus. With the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Collection, you’ll finally have business attire that fits and feels perfect on your body. So you can get back to focusing on more important things.

Ministry Of Supply - Men's Kinetic Pant

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply wants you to never have to worry about how you look, which is why they focus on the comfort and wearability of their items. Their goal is to eliminate uncomfortable, high-maintenance dress clothes by re-imagining them altogether. To do this, they focused on engineering high-performance, comfortable, wrinkle-free apparel. The result is a dress pant like no other. Born at MIT, the brand takes a scientific approach to design by researching the body’s needs. In doing so, Ministry of Supply has invented comfortable apparel like the Kinetic Dress Pant that has a one-of-a-kind fit, is sweat proof, and best of all, wrinkle-free.

Wrinkle-Free Fabric

Ministry of Supply

Say goodbye to pricey trips to the dry cleaners and the time suck of ironing. Thanks to their specially developed Japanese Primeflex polyester, Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Dress Pants never wrinkle. Ever. This warp-knit fabric has the feel and structure of a woven material, but the breathability and stretch of a knit material. As a result, the Kinetic Dress Pants uses your body heat to naturally release and relax wrinkles within fifteen minutes of wear.

Futuristic Design

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply has reconfigured cutting edge fashion by rethinking the design of pants. They’ve focused on sharp, classic styles while sourcing materials that synchronize with the human body. This mixture of form meets function resulted in the perfect fit of the Kinetic Dress Pants. Each time you slip them on it’s as though they were designed for your body. By using high-tech fabrics such as Japanese Primeflex polyester, their clothes provide the comfort and ease of athletic-wear while giving the appearance of business-appropriate attire.

Sustainable Fashion

Ministry of Supply

Factors like fast fashion contribute to 14.3 million pounds of clothing being thrown away each year in the US. Ministry of Supply is working to reduce that number by creating durable garments like the Kinetic Dress Pant that will have a longer lifespan both physically and aesthetically. Additionally, they’re committed to keeping their environmental footprint as small as possible. To accomplish this they’ve implemented techniques such as 3D Print-Knit. With it, Ministry of Supply is able to reduce cutting scrap waste by over 30 percent.

If what you’re looking for a high-tech solution to ending the uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in business-attire, look no further than the Kinetic Dress Pant from Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Collection.

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