Let’s face it. If it were even remotely socially acceptable, many of us would walk around in our underwear or boxer shorts all the time. But the sartorial risks of such a choice are well known to anyone familiar with the euphemism “wardrobe malfunction." But luckily, this is a problem that simply isn’t possible with Jambys, shorts that are specifically designed to combine the comfort and breathability of underwear with the security of an outer garment that can be worn in front of other people, provided the occasion isn’t too formal for shorts.

Jambys are made largely from 97-percent Modal, plus three percent spandex, all knitted together in a plush French Terry. The result is breathable, cool, yet cozy. They're also probably the most comfortable pair of shorts you’ve ever worn, since they engineered to combine the softness of briefs with the breathability of boxers and the functionality of shorts. And best of all, you can buy a pair right now for $35.

Once you get your new pair of Jambys, you have 77 days (don’t ask me how they landed on that particular number) to decide if you like them or not. And you almost certainly will like them, and are equally likely to order even more. But if for some reason you don’t, you can send back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Jambys: Your New Favorite House Shorts. Get A Pair Now for $35.


We haven’t even mentioned the greatest innovation of Jambys: the pockets. That’s right, if you’ve ever been lounging around the house lamenting your lack of pockets, Jambys has two stretch pockets, one on each hip, right where you can get at them. And that’s not the most innovative innovation represented on every pair of Jambys. There’s also the “No-Crotch-Flash technology” that will prevent any “accidental peeps.” Presumably you understand what that means.

Jambys come in a wide variety of color patterns, to suit whatever your chromatic preferences might be. And according to their website, they’re working on new color options all the time. And if you send them a pattern idea they end up using you might be in store for a sweet discount.

So if you’re looking for a more reliable way to earn a discount on Jambys, they also have a pretty cool reward system that gives $10 off your next purchase for 100 rewards points, $25 off for 250 points, and so on. You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on Jambys, but you can also earn points by doing stuff like starting a Jambys account, following the brand on various social media platforms, leaving a review on the site, making a video review, and more. It’s basically like a game, with the prize being a new pair of Jambys. You can start redeeming points immediately after you earn them, and unlike some rewards programs these points never expire.

You can get started on earning those Jambys reward points, and find out anything else you want to know about these miracle shorts, at the official Jambys site right now. So why wait? Check them out today. You'll be gad you did.

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