When it comes to shoes, most of us would love to wear sneakers all the time. They’re light. They’re comfortable. Best of all, they’re stylish. The only problem is that sneakers are not very durable, nor do they offer much protection for your feet. That means they’re not very suitable for spending time in the great outdoors or doing work around the house – let alone for physically demanding jobs in construction, security, or food service. However, the folks at Indestructible Shoes are using high-tech fabrics and other advanced materials to change all that. And with the revolutionary Ryder sneaker they’ve hit the ball out of the park.

As their name implies, Indestructible Shoes specializes in footwear that can take a serious beating. With the Ryder they’ve created the perfect hybrid shoe that combines the protection and durability of heavy duty work boots with the style and comfort of sneakers.

That may sound impossible, but it’s true. See for yourself.

Ryder by Indestructible Shoes


The Ryder is the perfect combination of style and performance. It’s tough enough to wear on a construction site, but stylish enough for anything your weekends throw at you.

The uppers are constructed from moisture-wicking flymesh fabric made from military grade kevlar, which means they are as breathable as they are durable. And while each shoe weighs less than a pound, they still feature European steel toes that offer full protection from crushing falling objects.

You certainly won’t find any knit shoes like that at your local Foot Locker.

Steel toes aren’t the only protection these shoes offer, though – Ryders are also puncture resistant. The outsoles are made from a military grade material that is extremely flexible and twistable, but at the same time almost completely impenetrable. They feature skid-proof grips, shock-absorption technology, and electric shock insulation. So whether you’re walking through a job site on Tuesday, or a jagged creek bed on Sunday, your feet will always be protected.

The Ryder features a no-tie lace closure system for convenience, style, and outstanding support. They come in four stylish colors, including the grey you see here, plus black, green, and pink. And right now they’re all on sale for an insanely low $79 –just over 50-percent off the regular price of $160.

The Ryder sneaker from Indestructible Shoes is a groundbreaking shoe. And whether you work in construction and you’re sick and tired of giant steel-toed work boots, or you’re just a weekend adventurer who enjoys the outdoors and completing projects around the house, this current deal is simply too good to pass up.

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