Fashion has changed a lot over the last 50 years, especially when it comes to sneakers. It used to be that you only wore sneakers to exercise. If you wore them outside the gym, people might think you belonged to a 1950s New York City street gang. Today, however, sneakers are the default shoe of modern life. You wear them to the gym. You wear them to work. You wear them out on the weekends. In fact, pretty much the only time you don’t wear sneakers is when you’re on a construction site, or you’re doing some other work where your feet require the protection of steel toe shoes. But now even that’s changing thanks to the brilliant designers at Indestructible Shoes.

As you could probably guess from the name, Indestructible Shoes specializes in footwear that can take a serious beating. They’ve created an entire line of shoes that combine the protection and durability of heavy-duty work boots — steel toes, skid-proof grips, shock-absorption technology, anti-puncture heels, electric shock insulation, and ultra-durable materials — with the style and comfort of sneakers. That means you can wear them from the job site to the bar, from the back yard to the company picnic, without anybody giving you the side-eye.

Whether you work a job that requires serious protective footwear, or you’re just a weekend home reno warrior looking for shoes that combine fashion and durability, Indestructible Shoes may very well change your life.

Indestructible Shoes come in a variety of styles and colors to suit just about any style, and right now they’re ALL 44 percent off the regular price. Below you’ll find just a few of their most popular options.

Indestructible Shoes - Ryder Black

Indestructible Shoes

The Ryder is was designed to be a stylish solution to the problem of sweaty feet. The upper is constructed from breathable flymesh, while the interior features a moisture-wicking mesh lining to maximize airflow and reduce odor. However, breathability isn’t all this shoe brings to the table. For convenience, the Ryder is easy to slip on and off with its no-tie lacing system. For comfort, it has an extremely flexible outsole and a padded shock-absorbing insole. And last but not least, for safety, it has European steel toes, a puncture-resistant sole made from military-grade kevlar, and shock-absorbing cushioning in the midsole.

Hummer Black - Steel Toe Shoes

Indestructible Shoes

One of Indestructible Shoes’ newest styles, the Hummer features an upper constructed with a slightly thicker version of the breathable flymesh used for the Ryder. It also features the same moisture-wicking mesh lining found in the Ryder, plus all the same safety features—including European steel toes, flexible puncture-resistant soles, and shock-absorbing cushioning. So this shoe is both breathable and tough, just not quite as breathable as the Ryder. Also unlike the Ryder, the Hummer features a traditional lacing system, as well as an upgraded insole with extra padding in the heel and 3D arch support for maximum comfort.

CamoX Black White - Steel Toe Shoes

Indestructible Shoes

Last but not least is the CamoX, the ultimate year-round all-in-one shoe. The CamoX features an extremely flexible outsole and the same insole as the Hummer, with extra padding in the heel and 3D arch support. It also has the standard Indestructible Shoes safety features, like European steel toes, a puncture-resistant sole made from military-grade kevlar, and shock-absorbing cushioning in the midsole. What sets this shoe apart from other Indestructible Shoes is that it is 100 percent waterproof. That means you can work in any conditions or tackle any terrain knowing your feet and socks will stay dry and comfortable.

If you’re looking for the perfect all-in-one shoe that can handle work, play, and everything in between, you need to take a look at Indestructible Shoes. And with 44 percent off all styles, you won’t find a better time to buy.

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