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Wire-Free, Problem-Free.

Wireless earphones are nothing new in the wearables market, and yet, it seems like basically every industry leader is having trouble making a small earbud that doesn't come with big problems. For starters, if you wear wireless earphones, you've probably been made to wonder if you have a strangely shaped ear—because no matter what size buds you use, you've got an ear ache after 20 minutes and a full blown headache after an hour. You've probably also wondered if you were going deaf, as the music is often warbled and muted.

But it's not you, it's the earbud. And Zolo's Liberty+ earphones maybe the solution.

The Liberty+ earphones provide updates to a number of preexisting industry standards. The earphones are made with water-resistant liquid-silicon ear tips that not only offer a much cushier fit, but also help insulate the sound—ear aches be gone! Additionally, inside the bud is a sturdy nanosheet made of Graphene—a material that’s 100 times harder than steel and a fraction of the weight, so it won’t warp or negatively affect sound over time with wear.

And of course, once, wireless earphones were synonymous with connectivity issues, but not anymore. Thanks to the satellite-quality Bluetooth 5.0, which is powered through LDS antennas, connection issues are a problem of the past.

What’s more, each bud had a touch screen built into its external face, which gives users the ability to tap to answer a call or get AI support from Alexa or Siri. And with the help of the charging case, your earphones will get up to 48 hours of battery life before you need to plug into a power outlet.

Staying Connected

The difference these updates will have on the actual user's experience are bountifully significant. With a pain-free grip fit, users can engage in rigorous exercise activities without having to worry about the earbuds falling out or becoming damaged by sweat.

And with the instant pairing, unbreakable Bluetooth connection, and upgraded Graphene sound standard, users won't have to worry about missing a beat—literally.

While we might still have to worry about the battery life of our phones and computers throughout the day, your earphones become something you can rely on when you make the switch to Liberty+. 48 hours of battery life means that you'll listen to approximately 960 songs before you need to recharge. To learn more about the revolutionary innovations in audio technology, head over to Zolo Audio's Kickstarter and get yourself a pair.

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