Agility is a key element of military logistics, and being able to deploy quickly can be the difference between winning or losing a battle. This is where HESCO's advanced military barrier RAID could come in handy.

RAID, which stands for Rapid In-Theater Deployment, is an earth-filled barrier that can be packed inside a standard-sized shipping container and set up in as few as sixty seconds. Each barrier segment is about 333 meters (1,092 ft) long and 3 meters (7 ft) tall, and segments can be linked together to cover longer perimeters. The barrier can also be curved to make 90-degree corners.

Technologies such as RAID are redefining warfare and its future. Current military technology includes things previously imagined in sci-fi flicks and video games. The railgun, nuclear bombers and other high-capacity aircraft, futuristic rifles and bullets, Ironman-like exoskeletons, and even artificial intelligence are all a part of today's military arsenal and poised to revolutionize modern warfare the same way industrialization did during World War I.

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