Anna Zvereva/Victor Tangermann
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Russian Military Actively Testing Lasers, Hypersonic Weapons

byDan Robitzski
6. 21. 19
Anna Zvereva/Victor Tangermann

The Russian Minister of Defense called the technology "unparalleled."

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The Russian military has begun combat tests for new lasers and hypersonic weapons.

“In the near future, the Russian Armed Forces will receive a completely new, unparalleled weapon based on hypersonic and laser energy technologies,” Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu said, per a Russian military press release. “Its first samples have already been put on trial combat duty.”

If Russia is already testing its laser cannons and has figured out how to build hypersonic weapons, then it could change the balance of international military power — and change the face of warfare forever.


Shoygu went on to explain how enhanced intelligence systems would improve the Russian military’s readiness to deploy the high-tech new weapons, describing how it would better manage the flow of information and the logistics of combat.


“The Strelets command, control, and intelligence system enable the troops to engage the targets in almost real time, 8-12 minutes after their detection,” said Shoygu in a separate press release.

Death Ray

Last month, Putin bragged about Russia’s laser weapons program.

This new update, that the country has begun testing the weapons in combat, shows that the future of warfare, filled with terrifying new weapons, is very nearly here.

READ MORE: Russian Armed Forces to receive completely new hypersonic and laser energy weapons [Russian Ministry of Defense newsroom]


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