This looks rad as hell.


We're just hours away from Tesla's long-awaited delivery event of its controversial Cybertruck.

But thanks to documentation included in an update for Tesla's iOS app — as spotted by the eagle-eyed Electrek — we're getting some early glimpses of some of the first Cybertruck accessories Tesla may start selling alongside the brutalist pickup.

Perhaps most interestingly, the leak includes the name and detailed 3D renders of a "Basecamp" accessory, which turns the back of the truck into a futuristic-looking outdoor shelter, not unlike the camper add-ons for conventional trucks.

It's cool, sure, but it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, considering that Tesla showed off renders of a similarly polygonal camper attachment during its unveiling of the truck four years ago.

When an X-formerly-Twitter user asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if the camper is "an accessory that we can buy" at the time, Musk responded with "yes."

Beast Mode

The leaks also suggest that the Cybertruck will have a "Beast Mode," which presumably will be the truck's equivalent of "Ludicrous" or "Plaid" mode on the company's other vehicles.

The documentation also references a possible "Cybertruck solar" feature, hinting at a solar cover that could provide an additional charge.

As far as the camping attachment is concerned, given the EV maker's less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to fit and finish, we wouldn't necessarily trust it to keep us dry in a rain storm. But in case you're looking to spend the night on the California coast, it could make for a great place to get some sleep in the wilderness.

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