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All Rise

A newly-shared video showcases the soon-to-be-released Tesla Cybertruck's bombastic "wake up" sequence, in which the much-anticipated electric vehicle stands up to face another day on the roads, not unlike a camel that's been trained to hunch down and let passengers mount it.

In the video, shared to X-formerly-Twitter, the truck can be seen switching suspensions to rise off the ground as its driver turns it on. The wakeup setting comes with its very own light display — a design flourish that feels decidedly anime-inspired.

Light Em Up

It's worth noting that the Sleep Number-like suspension change isn't a new concept. Some Range Rover models have been known to shift suspension when their owners turn them on, while some GMC vehicles have adaptable suspensions to deal with varying terrains. Perhaps most notably though, one of Tesla's main competitors, Rivian, boasts an adjustable suspension on its electric trucks.

That said, none of these vehicles have quite the flair that the Cybertruck certainly has. While we can see an adjustable suspension having some legitimate functional benefits once a truck hits a given terrain, the Cybertruck's wakeup lightshow definitely feels like an unnecessary — if admittedly pretty cool — panache.

Another thing that stands out from the video is how high the Cybertruck's lowest setting is already — a feature that several X netizens pointed out.

"That's medium?" wrote one user. "Want to see what high looks like!"

"WHAT MEDIUM?!" exclaimed another, while a third added a simple: "That looks like high."

Of course, it would be great if Cybertrucks could actually use their adjustable suspension to do Truck Things like effectively offroad, but whether the oft-derided vehicles — which are finally set to roll out to waitlisted customers this week — will be able to actually do so still remains to be seen. But if you'll be trying to use your new Cybertruck to pick up a Christmas tree this holiday season, it's at least good to know that you can lower the truck height enough to strap your conifer to the top — because you won't be able to fit it in the trunk.

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