That looks hilarious.

Hit the Trees

We still don't know how much Tesla's hotly-anticipated Cybertruck will cost, how far it'll drive on a single charge, or even how much stuff you can haul around in it.

That's striking at just two weeks away from Tesla's long-awaited delivery event of its stainless steel-clad pickup — and a lot riding on the truck's success for Tesla financially.

A recent video that went viral on social media showed off the entirety of the truck's interior for the first time, suggesting the cabin of the Cybertruck will be more cramped than one might expect from a full-sized pickup.

Oddly, it's now starting to sound like the same could go for the truck's bed. One image circulating online shows that not even a single mountain bike can fully fit inside the bed.

And a separate image uploaded to the Cybertruck subreddit shows most of a Christmas tree awkwardly protruding from the back of the truck, suggesting it's not exactly going to compete with other pickup trucks when it comes to utility alone.

Queen Sized

So how big is the Cybertruck's bed really and how does its size measure up to its steep competition? According to measurements revealed during Tesla's Q2 earnings report earlier this year, the 19-foot truck will feature a truck bed that's longer than six feet.

That indeed makes it almost a foot too short for the Specialized mountain bike in the image linked above. Fortunately, tailgate pads can come in clutch, allowing truck drivers to transport their bikes with the front wheel sticking out of the back.

As far as the Cybertruck's competition goes, the Rivian R1T and Ford F-15o Lightning have truck beds that are only 4.5 and 5.5 feet long respectively.

However, things get a little more complicated when you consider the oddly angled sides of the Cybertruck's bed. An image that made its rounds back in September suggests the truck's bed is significantly narrower on the bottom than it is at the top, which could limit how much you can fit in the bed.

In other words, we'll have to wait and see how much room there really is for a Christmas tree or other oddly-shaped cargo. But whether that'll really matter remains to be seen — after all, most customers will have to wait a whole lot longer than Christmas Day to get their hands on one.

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