It survived to tell the tale.

Prey 2

While customers are still waiting to get their hands on Tesla's Cybertruck, CEO Elon Musk has attempted to keep their spirits high — by riddling the pickup's stainless steel exoskeleton with bullets from a Tommy Gun.

Likely inspired by the stunt, podcaster and Musk associate Joe Rogan has now taken aim at the truck himself, shooting it with a compound bow and arrow.

In an image posted to Instagram, Rogan said that the "cyber truck [sic] is arrow-proof, too," while hinting at the mercurial CEO's fourth appearance on the podcast since September 2018.

But why anybody would shoot a bow and arrow at a personal vehicle, which will likely never be driven in a place where it's at risk of being shot with an arrow, is still a bit of a mystery. Is Musk really preempting a future where we're reverting to a more primitive form of hunting vehicles — or is he trying to woo a new gun-toting, freedom-loving demographic that likes to take literal potshots at expensive luxury EVs? Or does the macho Rogan evaluate vehicles based on whether cave people would be able to take them down using traditional hunting techniques?

Sick Truck

The news comes after Musk tweeted earlier this month that "we emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style," showing off the resulting damage. Footage shows a badly beaten-up Cybertruck, riddled with hideous and likely irreversible dents.

In many ways, given the way Musk is choosing to market the truck, it makes perfect sense to have a brash and machismo personality like Rogan hype it up. Last year, Rogan got his own exclusive look at the "sick" truck, gushing that it "really does look like something from the future" in a recent episode of his podcast.

While we now know that a bow and arrow can't pierce the Cybertruck's stainless steel cladding, there are far more prescient questions that Tesla has yet to answer. We don't know how much it will cost, or what its range will be. Hell, we're still not entirely clear on its exact design yet.

But for those looking for an electric pickup truck that will survive being mistaken for a wild boar in a forest, the Cybertruck seems like it'll be a great fit.

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