Is he being serious?

Cyber Warfare

A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted plowing down a highway at night riddled with dozens of what appear to be bullet holes in its side doors — and we're just as baffled as you are.

Footage of the encounter was posted by the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account on X, formerly Twitter, purportedly taken by a member of the club.

And yes, it gets even wilder. Elon Musk, CEO of the automaker, replied to a repost of the video to apparently clarify what happened, but really only befuddled everyone even more.

According to Musk — assuming he wasn't joking around or spreading chaos, as he's known to do — it was actually him and his engineers that were responsible for the damage.

"We emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style," Musk said in a post on X. "No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment."

Shoot to Thrill

We have a lot of questions, such as: why? And is this not kind of a crazy thing to joke about, let alone earnestly claim?

It's worth noting that Tesla has stated that the Cybertruck would be bulletproof. Infamously, that selling point didn't come to fruition when Musk threw a metal ball at a Cybertruck window during an on-stage demonstration, which shattered. From what we can tell from the hazy new footage, it doesn't look like bullets were shot at the glass, and probably for good reason.

At the very least, those gaudy stainless steel panels, which are no less of an eyesore when dimpled with numerous bullet holes, are sort of good for something, if true. And against all odds, really. It's an unorthodox choice for ballistic protection and, while we're at it, anything car-related.

Of course, Musk has a history of making outlandish claims about the Cybertruck's capabilities, so he may very well be pulling our legs here.

In the past, he's stated that the rigidly shaped SUV will not only be waterproof, but actually double as a boat. Even more brazenly, Musk hinted that a "pressurized version" of the vehicle would be able to survive on Mars. And that's without getting into the zany claims he's made about previous Tesla vehicles.

Then again, we wouldn't put it past Musk to actually mag-dump a submachine gun into his company's costly truck that has been mired in setbacks. Maybe it was his way of blowing off some steam.

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