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Dead Weight

If Tesla CEO Elon Musk is to be believed — and we can give you a thousand reasons as to why that's a bad idea — the company is getting ready to start delivering its long-awaited Cybertruck in a matter of just weeks.

But from what we've seen lately, there's a good chance the misshapen truck isn't quite ready for mass production just yet.

Most recently, a user on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum — which somehow already exists even though, again, it hasn't shipped yet — described an encounter with a Cybertruck that had to be towed away from a Supercharger station in Mojave, California, on a flatbed tow truck because it simply "wouldn't charge."

It's a worrying sign Tesla still has a lot of bugs to iron out before it can start delivering the trucks to customers. After all, charging at a Supercharger is kinda integral to the whole Tesla owner experience.


Pictures show the truck first being hoisted onto rolling platforms and then lifted onto the back of the flatbed, seemingly unable to move on its own.

It's far from the first broken-down Cybertruck we've come across, from a video of a stranded truck flashing its hazard lights on the side of a California highway earlier this month to an abandoned one being left on the side of an interstate back in August.

There's a lot we still don't know about the truck, despite the fact that it's allegedly just weeks away from starting deliveries. We don't know how much it'll cost, let alone the possible configurations, its range, how much it can tow, or how much power it'll have.

In short, committing to a vehicle that'll likely cost a considerable amount more than the initially advertised price tag of $40,000 will require some serious faith in Musk's chaotic EV venture.

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