Don't hold your breath, buyers.

Spendy Jalopy

Rubberneckers in California got an eyeful of a Cybertruck, with flashing hazard lights, that seemed to have become stalled on the side of a highway this weekend in California — further fueling questions about the reliability of Tesla's much anticipated and delayed entry into pickup truck market.

A Redditor posted a short video in the wee hours of October 8 featuring the futuristic-looking vehicle. They wrote that the Cybertruck had "seemingly broken down on I-580 this afternoon," confirming the sighting had been in the city of Richmond.

The video shows a man in the driver's seat looking down while absorbed with a task inside the Cybertruck, which had RC decals standing for "Release Candidate," or tech speak for the penultimate stage of software that's being tested for bugs before its release to the public.

The prototype was later sighted by users on the social media platform X-formerly-Twitter, where it could be seen covered up with a tarp.

For obvious reasons, this latest breakdown didn't inspire confidence, with one poster quipping that "it's an electric car, so it ran out of electrons."

Truck-size Problems

Since its debut on the world stage, the Cybertruck has been beset by issues, starting with the armor-proof glass windows shattering from the impact of a metal ball when Musk first introduced it in 2019 to the misalignment of doors on a Cybertruck that rolled off the factory floor earlier this summer.

Last month, another Cybertruck was also found abandoned and covered up in a tarp.

The truck's biggest liability, though, is probably just that it's taking so long to arrive. Originally, it was supposed to be hitting buyers' driveways by 2021; two years later, there's still no sign of it. If anything, these repeated public breakdowns make it hard not to wonder whether the truck is hitting reality problems on the assembly line that's keeping it from going out for delivery.

In spite of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's ongoing promises, we wouldn't hold your breath.

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