Beware remote-controlled sex toys, y'all.

Cage the Elephant

Bad news for high tech kinksters: a company that sold internet-connected cock cages has exposed itself online.

According to a security researcher who spoke to TechCrunch on condition of anonymity, the Internet of Things sex toy company, which sells chastity cages that can be unlocked online and which also has not been named, suffered massive server flaws that exposed customers' email and home addresses, passwords, and even GPS coordinates — yes, their physical location.

The researcher told the tech website that they discovered the flaw earlier this summer and attempted to contact the company selling the devices to no avail. Frustrated, they decided to deface the website in an attempt to warn the site and users about the security vulnerabilities.

"The site was disabled by a benevolent third party. [REDACTED] has left the site wide open, allowing any script kiddie to grab any and all customer information. This includes plaintext passwords and contrary to what [REDACTED] has claimed, also shipping addresses. You’re welcome!” the researcher wrote on the site. "If you have paid for a physical unit and now cannot use it, I’m sorry. But there are thousands of people with accounts on here and I could not in good faith leave everything up for grabs."

"Everything’s just too easy to exploit," the researcher and apparent white hat hacker told TechCrunch. "And that’s irresponsible."

Girth Canal

Troublingly, this isn't the first time a "smart" cock cage seller has been subject to security flaws.

Back in 2021, a hacker took down another IoT chastity device company and demanded a ransom from its users to relinquish their data — and that company had also been warned about the insecurity of its servers prior to the hack, too.

"Your cock is mine now," the hacker wrote in their ransom demand to one user, per a security researcher who goes by the extraordinary handle of Smelly.

There have also been data breaches with other types of "smart" sex toys, and it's hard to say which is more disturbing: that these companies are suffering such massive user data breaches in the first place, or that some of them are ignoring warnings about them and knowingly putting their paying customers at risk.

Either way, make sure to look up the tech specs before buying an IoT sex toy. Otherwise, you might not like who's on the other end.

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