The best medicine is plastic.

Human are eating a startling amount of microplastics every week because our oceans are full of the nearly indestructible waste particles sloshing around in huge gyres and killing fish and animals. The problem is part of a warming and polluted climate many governments simply aren't addressing.

That's pretty dark, but they say laughter is the best medicine. Here's our favorite memes about microplastics and our gut biomes.

  1. Plastic Seasoning

You may be familiar with the cheeky, roguish motto for Frank's RedHot Sauce. On many commercials you'll hear an old lady say, "I put that sh*t on everything." One Twitter user joked we could soon be doing the same with plastic.

Maybe in the future spice companies will make our microplastic consumption even easier by bottling it for seasoning.

2. Soul Eater

Nintendo fans will love this Kirby meme, which depicts the bright pink, enemy-swallowing blob about to chow down on a mouthful of microplastic.

Luckily, we got there just in time! Kirby might be an all-powerful foe-destroying demigod but we're not sure he can handle a gut full of bottle particles.

3. Pope Joke

We love a meme that plays on a previous meme. This Pope meme that shows the Pope holding up a small container of plastic bits with the caption that he "found microplastics in his Holy Water" is truly an image that deserves to be studied in future textbooks.

4. Clean Your Plate

It's only natural to worry when your sweetheart didn't finish their dinner. Was it your cooking? Or was it the deadly chemical compounds in the tiny plastic particles entering their bloodstream? Truly a mystery.

5. Finger Lickin'

Attorney Alex Peter tweeted a photo of a finger dusted in tiny plastic particles and said they actually look kinda yummy. Maybe it's just us, but they do look a little like Dorito dust.

6. Meta Checkpoint

In an extension of the "self care check in" trend on social media, this meta meme asks users to post their favorite microplastics memes the internet can product. We'll keep coming back if we get hungry for more.

7. Red Flag

Sometimes, we miss all the signs in a doomed relationship and try to keep going. Well, this meme jokingly reminds you that not every partner can be "fixed" and that sometimes it's best to move on. Especially if said partner is full of microplastic.

If these memes have you feel stressed, no worries, there is always a little light at the end of the tunnel.

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