"Boldly go where no TikToker has gone before."


The for you page is getting a little more far out than usual with the European Space Agency celebrating the first TikTok ever made in space.

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti posted the 90-second clip Thursday and walked viewers through life on the International Space Station. She even showed off the stuffed animals she brought along for the 6-month flight with rocket manufacturer SpaceX. Cristoforetti is on the Crew-4 mission and said the first few days aboard the ISS were spent learning as much as possible from the outgoing Crew-3 mission team.

"Follow me to boldly go where no TikToker has gone before," Cristoforetti said at the end of her video, which currently has about 658,000 views.


Those of us still stuck on the Earth's surface sure do love seeing what astronauts get up to on the job.

Last week ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer showed us his cozy night routine, just weeks after we learned how pee is recycled and that the ISS toilet was broken. Life off Earth has been a little stressful lately, so we hope the new outlet gives Cristoforetti a spark of creativity. Will we get to see the first dance trend creating in zero gravity?

We can't wait to see what trends come out of this new ISS content. If all goes according to SpaceX's plan, we may even see the first TikTok created on Mars.

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