"Oh my God."

CEO Olympia

At roughly 1:30 am on Friday morning, Elon Musk, multi-billionaire CEO and owner of the social media site X nee Twitter, livestreamed an incredible physical feat: curling a dumbbell in the middle of an office, for some reason.

"Is this working? Hello? What the," he began, clarifying that the broadcast was a test of the platform's Live feature.

With a sitewide viewership of over 40 million people, Musk also had an in-person audience of at least five or six employees — who he definitely was not trying to impress a la Ron Burgundy.

"This is me curling a 45," he proclaimed, after lifting one of two dumbbells off the table.

"Oh my God," blurted an either awestruck or brown-nosing employee, as Musk — with somewhat lackluster form — transitioned the curl into completing a shoulder press.

"There you go," Musk said.

He then signed off, concluding that the "video feature is working better."

Pumped Up

You may be wondering why a pair of weights just happened to be sitting on top of a conference table that Musk and his colleagues were hanging at. We don't have a good answer, but we shudder to consider the implications.

Did Elon improvise this stunt? Did he engineer this as an opportunity to show off his lifts? Or maybe the eccentric business magnate sincerely, psychotically, just likes to keep weights on the ready for witching hour office meetings. Our puny brains may never comprehend.

Moreover, why he continues to parade his unfolding mid-life crisis is a similarly confounding question, this latest episode only being one of many nocturnal antics of his.

Speaking of mid-life crises, maybe Musk just has lifting weights on his brain, ahead of preparing for his yet-to-materialize cage fight against bitter rival Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta-formerly-known-as-Facebook.

Among many obstacles, like actually learning how to fight, Musk might need to get permission from his disapproving mom first before the showdown can take place. Maybe his impressive lift, as displayed here, will help finally win her over.

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