Honestly, we would love to see it.

Belt Up

While Twitter CEO Elon Musk was busy dismantling the social media company's entire brand, Meta-formerly-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been studying jiu-jitsu — and has the blue belt to show for it ahead of their possibly-still-on cage fight.

In a post on Instagram, the social media wunderkind posed with his coach Dave Camarillo, and showed off his new belt that will allow him to compete at a higher ranking with his San Jose-based team.

While the ranking is just one step above the introductory white belt, it could indicate, as Gizmodo notes, that the Meta CEO is still preparing to meet Musk in the octagon — a pact the rival tech titans made at the end of June before the Twitter owner's mommy told him he wasn't allowed to fight Zucky.

For his part, Musk has hired UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre for some much-needed training. But given Zuckerberg's commitment to martial arts, Musk will more than likely have a formidable opponent to brawl with.

Training Day

There's been little word in the ensuing month whether the fight is still on, but as UFC president Dana White told TMZ Sports earlier this month, both are "dead serious" about gearing up for one regardless.

According to the UFC president, it would not be an official league-sponsored fight, but White said he would help put on the event and would charge up to $100 per person.

"It would break all pay-per-view records," White told TMZ at the time. "These guys would raise, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars for charity and, you know, you don’t have to be a big fight fan to be interested in this fight. Everybody would want to see it."

Musk, meanwhile, has been testing out his skills with podcaster Lex Fridman, who seemingly fancies himself something of a fighting specialist as well.

Given that Zuckerberg won gold and silver at an amateur jiu-jitsu tournament in May and has since leveled up his ranking, it seems like he has had substantially more formal training — and if we had to put money on it, we would, as strange as it seems, put it on Zuck.

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