"Dude, you can't go on Twitter Spaces when you're in the bathroom, bro."

Mic Check

What's Elon Musk up to these days?

The serious answer is a lot of things, like trying to assemble engineers to build an anti-"woke" AI and trying to resuscitate the desiccated husk of Twitter, but in his downtime, he seems to just be messing around on the social site he bought last year.

And as a dutiful and ever-faithful servant of the bird site, Elon's helping out its dwindling staff of engineers (who he continues to fire) by testing out a voice transformer on its Spaces livestream function.

As Insider reports, Musk co-hosted the 11-minute stream with Jason Calacanis, a fellow entrepreneur and podcaster — in the middle of the night.

Secret Soundboard

An inveterate class clown, Elon announced his entrance by blasting a rooster's crow sound effect, which had both of them cackling.

What followed was essentially an interminable cacophony of comic sounds and enthused laughter.

At one point, Musk pitched his voice up, which Calacanis remarked sounded "like helium from a balloon."

"Oh, is there a new, like, alter your voice tool in here?" he asked.

Musk replies that there's a voice transformer, now sounding like a disembodied voice in a cave, drenched in reverb. "There's a whole soundboard," he said. "Can you see the soundboard?"

"I don't see the soundboard!" a befuddled Calacanis exclaimed.

It was apparently 2am for the CEO, who is known to be a bit of a night owl with a "nocturnal" sleep schedule. He's got a bunch of businesses to run, after all.

This is, apparently, what he gets up to in the late hours — during which he has in the past summoned bleary-eyed Twitter engineers to figure out why his tweets weren't as popular as President Joe Biden's.

Low Brow

Musk also played some toilet flushing sounds for good measure, and blasted his audience with some loud fart noises, too.

"Dude, you can't go on Twitter Spaces when you're in the bathroom, bro," Calacanis joked, as quoted by Insider.

But as an everyman's billionaire, Musk is not above some lowbrow toilet humor.

Eventually, though, Elon decided he had his fun, remarking that it had been "kind of entertaining."

"Well, I've gotta go to bed," he announced. "Talk to you later!"

Say what you will about the eccentric billionaire, but he knows how to put on a show.

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