Digging the hole deeper, we see.

Dig Dug

As Elon Musk-owned Twitter suffers yet another sudden round of job cuts, Platformer reports that a new figure might just be emerging as the social media company's next CEO.

The candidate in question? Steve Davis, whose background is not in social media, but is instead in... rocket-building, boring literal tunnels into the Earth, and — checks notes — flamethrowers. Also, yogurt. Cool.

Davis is the current CEO of The Boring Company, a more peculiar Musk-founded venture that promises to destroy "soul-destroying traffic" by drilling "3-D [networks] of tunnels" beneath cities. They also sell flamethrowers and recently sold out of a "unique, limited edition" Burnt Hair perfume, because all of that definitely makes sense.

That said, though, maybe Davis — as opposed to someone with the platform experience presumably necessary to rebuild the struggling, thinned-out, extremely smelly Twitter — is actually the best person for the job after all. Twitter's dug itself into a deep enough hole as it is, and Musk himself has allegedly admitted that the company is a "flaming dumpster rolling down the street." Davis' resume, it seems, is perfectly aligned.

Mr. Yogato

As far as tech dudes go, Davis — reportedly an avid Ayn Rand enthusiast — is a particularly interesting duck.

A rocket scientist by training, he's had two very odd forays into food and beverage: a Bitcoin-accepting drinking establishment dubbed the "wackiest bar in Washington" and a yogurt shop called "Mr. Yogato," which encouraged patrons to participate in Seinfeld trivia, do "funny accents," and dress as Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg to get free frozen treats. Before Musk brought him on as CEO of The Boring Company, he was SpaceX's Director of Advanced Projects.

Fast-forwarding to more recent months, Davis has been widely noted as one of the nu-Twitter "Goons" — in other words, the gaggle of sycophants that Musk immediately brought over to Twitter upon his purchase of the platform. Davis, his partner, and their newborn baby reportedly slept at Twitter's San Francisco office for several weeks following the takeover, and per Platformer, the most recent round of job slashes was made after Davis personally called a number of managers and asked who their top performers were.

In any case, best of luck to Davis, if Musk should indeed step down. And if there's no saving the ship, at least he's got the tools he needs to burn it down and bury it for good.

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