"Did you see the octagon I put in the backyard?"

Zucked Out

Priscilla Chan is not at all pleased that her famous husband's MMA hobby has seemingly taken over their backyard, where Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apparently built a fighting ring.

In an Instagram story, Zuckerberg let his more than 12 million followers in on a slice of his marriage when he posted a WhatsApp screenshot of an exchange between him and Chan about the new addition to their home.

"Did you see the octagon I put in the backyard?" the unassuming husband — and owner of both Instagram and WhatsApp — asked Chan, to which she replied, "Yes, I saw it."

Instead of asking her what she thinks, Zuckerberg told his wife that the octagonal ring "looks awesome," and she hit him with a one-word, first-name reply: "Mark."

"We have plenty of yard space!" he replied. But Chan shot back that she has "been working on that grass for two years."

What's the Play?

It's worth noting that Chan already seemed less than impressed by Zuckerberg's hand-to-hand combat hobby last year.

While we don't know exactly what "the octagon" looks like in the Chan-Zuckerberg yard, it is clear that the doting husband may be willing to negotiate — with the help of his followers, who he asked, via Instagram Story's poll feature, if he should keep or remove the ring.

We also know that there's a good possibility Zuckerberg's fight with Twitter owner Elon Musk may still be on, and that if it is, UFC president Dana White is ready to both facilitate and sell tickets to the matchup.

Musk's ambitions, meanwhile, may also have been squashed by an important woman in his life, given that at the end of June, his mother Maye Musk insisted that she had "canceled the fight" herself and not informed her son or his fellow tech leader opponent.

Will Chan and the elder Musk's feminine wisdom prevail, or will these two hotheads ever actually go head-to-head? Only time will tell.

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