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Egg Head

Non-fungible tokens meet artificial insemination — in a piece of art that's for sale at the renowned Art Basel art fair this week.

Artist Narine Arakelian, as Page Six reports, is including a contract promising one of her eggs to whoever buys her NFT, entitled "Live," at the Miami art exposition.

The digitized piece of art comes from a physical "Live, Laugh, Love" triptych, The Daily Beast noted, and the 42-year-old Arakelian hopes that whoever buys it will actually use the egg to have a baby.

"My artworks are all my children and the fact this one will actually produce a child is wonderful," she told Page Six. "The art will always mean so much to the buyer because it brought them their child!"


While the concept is certainly outlandish, this ovarian contract is par for the course for the provocative Armenian artist, whose portfolio includes "interactive paintings" that are displayed in augmented reality. She's got chops in the art world, too: in 2019, she lit up a staircase at the Venice Biennale into a kaleidoscopic rainbow.

Amazingly, Arakelian's egg NFT isn't the weirdest one for sale at this year's Art Basel, or even the only one containing genetic material. Someone, for some reason, implanted "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry's signature into the DNA code of a bacterial organism, and is selling it as the "first living" NFT.

Between the egg, the Roddenberry bacteria, and Trump fixer Michael Cohen's prison badge being sold as NFTs at the Miami art festival, this was certainly a banner year for this bizarre — and arguably useless — digital art form.

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