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A new website illustrates just how good artificial intelligence has gotten at churning out almost-coherent passages of text.

"This Marketing Blog Doesn't Exist" recreates that particular species of bland PR website, complete with 900-word articles about things like "ROI scales" and "synchronicity" crapped out by AI tools that have learned to mimic online content.

Tag Team

The website was built by an actual marketing company called Fractl and uses GROVER, which is an advanced AI tool that recently made headlines for its ability to write believable fake news in a particular publication's voice.

The site lists article categories ranging from "Instagram Marketing" to "SEO" to the tongue-in-cheek "AI in Marketing." The article on the home page, which describes how to best market with Instagram filters, is surprisingly comprehensible.

But there are some errors. For instance, it quotes a made-up Instagrammer "of Harlem Shake fame" (okay, that part might be real) saying that their favorite filter is "pink."

Full Package

The website also creates fictional authors for each post with StyleGAN, the AI tool that's been used to generate realistic portraits and less-realistic cats and Pokémon.

Ultimately, when you're not looking for errors or instances where the AI doesn't fully understand what's happening, the website would pass as real — meaning we'll all need to be more discerning about the content we read.

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