From the moment it was launched, the Tesla Powerwall was a massive success. The device, which was introduced last year is already sold out, and it is speculated to have already reached some $1 billion in sales.

Basically, the massive battery allows you to stock solar energy and use it to run your home’s electricity after dark.

The batteries are designed to tap into backup power when the grid goes down, or to be used in tandem with solar panels to access solar energy in the evening, making it a smart and reliable source of power during the harsh winter seasons or other chaotic times.

To break this down a bit more, if you have either solar panels or electricity that is generated from wind, you can never be certain of what you are going to get. Cloudy day? Then you probably won’t get much from for solar panels. With these sustainable forms of energy, you don’t always produce the same amount of power. However, with a battery, you can store this energy during the day (or during a particularly windy period, as the case may be) and then use it at night.

The first generation Powerwall started shipping only a few months ago, but Elon Musk, head of Tesla, has already said that “we are coming up with the version two of the Powerwall probably around July or August of this year.”

Energy Demand

According to Musk, the newer model will offer “moderate improvements,” including a longer life cycle. The current version of the Powerwall relies on batteries from Panasonic, but the future model will be built with the Tesla Gigafactory.

With Tesla’a Nevada plant, it also means that Tesla may now be able to produce a lot more of the battery and keep up with the demand.

Currently, customers are mostly homeowners with solar panels, but businesses have also been actively adopting the technology and are using higher-capacity commercial models.


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