Here’s Your First Look Inside the Tesla Gigafactory

12. 30. 15 by June Javelosa
James Lipman - Instagram via EV Annex, Teslarati
Tesla Gigafactory 1

James Lipman, a UK  based photographer, recently posted several Instagram images that shows the interiors of the much anticipated Tesla Gigafactory. While the world has seen multiple overhead shots and a lot of drone footage of the facility while under construction, this appears to be the first time the public gets a glimpse of what’s inside the Gigafactory.

The photographer is known for his commercial work and has done work for BBC’s Top Gear, Car Magazine, Evo Magazine and, if assumptions about a commercial shoot are true, Tesla Motors.

The images have been described by Lipman as “hypermodern,” and he talks about the site’s massive size, which he asserts “totals 3000 acres and will run entire only #renewableenergy By 2020, the factory structure will be the second largest building in the world.”

The images show several images of the site, including one of the lobby, highlighting how the 13.6 million square foot, $5 billion project will become one of the largest buildings in the world to be powered by renewable energy. On their website, Tesla outlines the rationale behind the factory, stating, “Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation. To achieve that goal, we must produce electric vehicles in sufficient volume to force change in the automobile industry. With a planned production rate of 500,000 cars per year in the latter half of this decade, Tesla alone will require today’s entire worldwide production of lithium ion batteries. The Tesla Gigafactory was born of necessity and will supply enough batteries to support our projected vehicle demand.”



Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has already said that the car maker’s Model 3 will be made possible once the Gigafactory becomes fully operational.  The company marks 2020 as a target date for the facility to become fully operational and was already eyeing to break-ground at a second Gigafactory site to ensure the date.

Once completed, it will be the second largest building by volume, roughly three times the size of New York’s Central Park. Lipman’s images give the public its first real look into the Gigafactory 1 as the facility reaches the final phases of its completion.



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