Eighteen-year old George Matus opted out of college and went straight to accepting a fellowship offer from tech billionaire Peter Thiel to build his startup company, Teal Drones.

Matus, a drone racer who is now the founder of his own company, started flying drones at 11, and has been competing in professional races and test piloting new aircraft since 16.

They just launched their first product: a consumer drone that can capture 4K videos, travelling at more than 70 miles per hour—the fastest production drone in the world.

The drone can easily be controlled even by a beginner using an smart phone, tablet, or hobby controller, and can flip, dive, and do barrel rolls—features that both novices and hardcore racers will enjoy. It also has a supercomputer that would allow you to pack it with “as many apps as you can think of.” 

The Teal runs on Teal OS which allows developers to build apps on it, and is available on their site for pre-order.

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