It seems SpaceX has been landing rocket boosters enough times for CEO Elon Musk to get bored. The company has announced they are filing for approval to build two additional landing pads for the Falcon Heavy, and Musk is excited to make a triple landing.

The Orlando Sentinel reports: “SpaceX expects to fly Falcon Heavy for the first time later this year.”

via Twitter

“We are also seeking regulatory approval to build two additional landing pads at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We hope to recover all three Falcon Heavy rockets, though initially we may attempt drone ship landings."

While launching and landing three rockets all at once (or within minutes of each other) may come off a bit much, it actually has a practical purpose. The Falcon Heavy, a heavy-duty rocket developed to carry payloads and people to Mars, has three boosters strapped together. Landing and reusing these boosters would substantially cut down costs.

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