Shakespeare wrote that sleep knits up the raveled sleeve of care, which is a nice turn of phrase. But it doesn't really capture how essential a good night’s sleep is to the daily functions of human beings. Yet, in the modern world, more human beings than ever are having trouble sleeping thanks to a variety of factors. And a lot of modern solutions such as sleep medications can end up leading to more problems down the road. Luckily, there's Som Sleep, a powerful, non-habit-forming daily sleep aid that's also a great tasting berry-flavored drink.

Som Sleep's formula has been painstakingly developed to encourage sleep with minimal side effects. The Original Som Sleep Formula, better known as the "Som Stack," combines natural ingredients with green tea to give your body the nutritional building blocks of a good night’s sleep.

The main sleep-inducing ingredients of the Som Stack are a proprietary blend of L-theanine, GABA, melatonin, as well as water, cane sugar, erythritol, natural flavors, citric acid, magnesium citrate, stevia leaf extract, and pyridoxine hydrochloride. That might not sound appetizing, but it tastes like berries, and is non-carbonated.

Som Sleep - A Safe, Powerful Daily Sleep Aid Drink

Som Sleep

Som Sleep is so effective that you should only take it if you need at least seven-to-eight hours of sleep. But it's also gentle enough to be non-habit-forming. You just take it half-an-hour before you plan on going to bed, and you’re looking at a night of deep, restful sleep.

Som was engineered primarily as a sleep supplement, but it also has some other nutritional benefits. Every serving contains Vitamin B6 and magnesium, both critical nutrients for the process of biosynthesis.

You can get plenty of information on Som Sleep by visiting the product’s official site. But if you’re experiencing regular insomnia it’s almost certainly worth a try. A 12-pack of Som costs $29.99, but with a subscription plan, you can get a 20-percent discount. And if you sign up for a Som Sleep sleep aid drink subscription, there are no additional shipping costs unless you opt for faster delivery.

So head over to the official Som Sleep site right here to sign up for the subscription that works best for you. You've got nothing to lose except more sleep.

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