A new simulation by CGI artist Slave Popovsky shows what a Tesla Roadster accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 1.1 seconds could look like — thanks to the addition of SpaceX thrusters, which Elon Musk has teased previously.

Tesla says its Roadster can accelerate to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, reach a top speed of  250 mph, and have a massive 620 mile range.

Shaving that down to 1.1 seconds, however, would make it far and away the fastest accelerating consumer car on the planet. The fastest production cars have only been inching closer to the two second mark in zero-to-60 mph acceleration over the past few years.

In a June 2019 interview with the Ride the Lightning podcast, Musk elaborated on the "SpaceX package," claiming that it could give the Roadster a staggering three Gs of thrust.

"If you have three Gs of thrust, you can go in any direction," he said on the podcast at the time, as quoted by Electrek. “You can go up and accelerate with still more than 2 Gs."

Back in May, Musk told retired TV presenter and car enthusiast Jay Leno that the "SpaceX package" will be "like full-on James Bond," where the "main thruster will be like behind the license plate so for acceleration, it drops the license plate and behind the license plate is a rocket thruster."

Such a SpaceX package would be so large, it would need to replace the entire rear row of seats.

In July of last year, Musk even told Electrek editor-in-chief Fred Lambert on Twitter that a Tesla Roadster "hover test" could take place by "maybe end of next year."

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