With all the science fiction films trying to grab attention, how is a flick about artificial intelligence (AI) supposed to stand out?

Simply turn to AI for the answer. This is a trailer from 20th Century Fox about an AI that develops superhuman-like abilities. Oh, and it was made by an AI.

Yes, that's right, that movie trailer was compiled by AI. The guys behind the sci-fi flick Morgan have tapped IBM's Watson to create of the the trailers for the movie.

Watson was able to make the trailer by first analyzing 100 horror movie trailers, studying each scene, and looking for common ground. Next, it was fed the 90-minute movie, and chose 10 scenes that it thought would fit in  the trailer. An editor then pieced together the scenes.

According to IBM:

"When we reviewed all the scenes that our system selected, one didn’t seem to fit with the bigger story we were trying to tell –so we decided not to use it. Even Watson sometimes ends up with footage on the cutting room floor!"

If you're disappointed to see that it was not a purely-AI endeavor, you must know that making a trailer takes anywhere from 10 to 30 days. From the time Watson was fed the movie to the final cut of the trailer, it just took 24 hours.

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