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Reduce Plastic Waste And Always Be Ready For A Drink, With This Stylish Straw Bracelet

Plastic straws are a huge source of waste. This straw, which doubles as a stylish bracelet, ensures you'll always have a reusable straw handy.

Apr 27 by Futurism Creative
Image by StackCommerce

The plastic waste crisis is so bad, there’s more plastic in the ocean than fish. And while this is a problem that’s going to require multiple solutions, we can all do a small part by using less plastic and turning to reusable solutions where we can. nOcean’s wearable and reusable silicone straw is designed to offer a convenient way to ditch plastic straws, while never forgetting your straw at home.

nOcean was founded with a mission of helping to clean up the ocean and remove single-use plastics from the waste cycle. Half of their profits go to charities that remove plastic from the ocean or that promote reusable and renewable solutions to the plastic waste crisis. After receiving feedback that reusable straw fans kept forgetting theirs at home, this straw was designed to help make it easier to keep your a straw with you at all times.

The straw itself is made from medical-grade silicone and surgical steel. Silicone is durable, flexible, soft, and food-safe, not to mention temperature and moisture resistant, so you can use it with hot and cold drinks alike. Surgical steel helps resist germs and keeps you sipping, and the bracelet comes with a cleaning sprig for where you want to give the straw a real scrub.

When not in use, simply clasp it around your wrist. It’s designed to be light on your wrist or ankle, with a smooth finish for maximum comfort, or hang it from your bag or keychain to keep it handy. It’s so light you’ll only notice it’s there when you’re somewhere you need a straw. And it comes in three different styles, to match your personal look.


Usually, nOcean’s innovative straw costs $20. But for a limited time, you can save 20% and pick one up for just $15.99

Prices subject to change.

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