We throw away a lot of plastic, and it will stick around for decades. That includes your cotton swabs. Worse, cotton swabs aren't particularly effective at their primary job, namely cleaning out your ears. Shoving a swab in your ears just grinds the wax into your ear canal further. Fortunately, SPADE, the smartest ear wax removal system, can not only do the job better, it can do it for just $99.99, 21% off the MSRP.

Scoop, Don't Grind

The ear is a marvel of self-cleaning. As you produce ear wax, also called cerumen, and it does its job, that wax is pulled out of your ear canal by new skin growth and by the natural movement of your jaw as you talk and eat, where it simply falls out.

That said, there are situations where you'll need to remove wax. This is usually when the amount of wax in the canal affects your hearing, called "impacted earwax"; if you're unable to move your jaw normally for long periods of time, such as after a dental or other surgical procedure, if multiple infections damage the ear, or if water or other matter gets trapped in the cerumen.

Swabs, however, aren't ideal. In fact, many methods of ear wax removal, like swabs, are a cause of ear blockages. SPADE solves this issue by offering Ear Picks in four different shapes to make it easy to remove the offending matter while leaving your healthy wax alone. There's even temperature control, so you don't have to put a cold SPADE in your sensitive ears.

See What You're Doing

Another problem with swabs is you generally have to navigate by feel, and touch can be a deceptive sense. Anybody who's had a grain of sand go under their eyelid knows that touch can make a tiny speck feel like a boulder, and that can leave you wiggling a swab around in your ear, crushing down wax and doing damage, for a tiny annoyance.

SPADE, though, offers an endoscope on the end and connects to your phone with an app via Wi-Fi, so you can see what you're doing. The camera has three megapixels, offering great resolution at its size, paired with six LEDs to give you plenty of light to observe. And the app has photo and recording tools, so if you're concerned, you can snap it and email it to your doctor right away.

In fact, even if you leave well enough alone in your ears otherwise, if you or a family member are prone to ear infections or other issues, SPADE is a quick way to take a look inside and see what's going on. It's easy for parents and those in elder care to use, and is gentle on sensitive ears.

Ideal Engineering

SPADE is also built to be easy to use, in every regard. The handle is designed to be ergonomic whether you're cleaning out your own ears or seeing what's going on in the noggins of your kids. The charging base uses USB-C, so you'll have plenty of spare cables. And the battery keeps your SPADE running for up to sixty days after a single charge. Even the cap is magnetic, making it easier to keep track off and your Ear Picks covered.

Swabs may be useful for applying make-up and cleaning off delicate surfaces. But they're just not engineered to go into your ears, and they're not designed for the planet. SPADE's designed to solve your ear wax problems, and at $99.99, 21% off the MSRP, you'll spare yourself the swab, and save a little money into the bargain.

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